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Foam Insulation

The pre-insulated tube systems, consisting of core pipe, PU foam layer and outer protective pipe, achieve good thermal and cold insulation. Due to its construction, the pre-insulated tube system also offers improved mechanical protection. PU foam insulation can be realized with pipe in DN 50 to DN 300, from 1 m up to 5 m, as well as with bends.

Diameter 50 - 300 mm
Pipe length 1 - 5 m
Curve radius from R 500 or 2.5 x D
Curve angle 5° - 90°

Our solution for your need

Needs analysis

Together with our team of experts, your pipe system will be examined in detail for feasibility. The range of services includes:

  • Material: all common plastic pipe systems
  • Diameter: DN 50 to DN 300
  • Pipe: length from 1 m to 5 m
  • Bend: radius from R 500 or 2.5 x D, degrees from 5° - 90°

In addition to a meaningful offer, we individually design a 2D/3D drawing or further a sample for acceptance.

Production process

In PU foam insulation, we continue to respond individually to your requirements. From single-item to series production, their product is manufactured precisely and with high quality.


The PU foam insulated products can be packed individually in wooden frame crate or own logistics solutions. A warehouse area of 10.000 sqm and an outdoor storage area of 15.000 sqm are available.


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